Fuste, Construção Civil, Braga.



Lexarq - Arquitetura, Lda. is the company responsible for developing architectural projects and coordinating specialties for various market sectors and construction types.

It is specialized in commerce, services, logistics and industry. Lexarq is headquartered in Portugal, operates in the Polish market, and is supported by the know-how and expertise of local teams. The cooperation between the architects with the various in-house engineering teams guarantees the clients high execution efficiency and complex budget control.



Since 1991, Fuste, SA has been a reference construction company in Portugal and known for their excellent relationship with clients. 

In Poland - with offices in Warsaw, Cracow, Poznan and Torun - Fuste Polska Sp.z o.o. ensures the same type of service and tight-knit relationship with local customers.

These companies allow the Group to be a leader in the retail area in both Portugal and Poland.


Management and acquisition of equipment

The Group developed an international sourcing and purchase of equipment through Central de Compras Fuste SA (Portugal), Fuste Management SP.Zoo. (Poland) and Gesfuste Colombia SAS (Colombia).

The centralization of its mind-set regarding the acquisition of equipment allows the company  to obtain important synergies that greatly benefit its customers.



 The technical maintenance management service and monitoring of retail facilities is a part of the Fuste Group's offer, based on the coordination, supervision, and live monitoring of worksites and building facilities. This is the last step in the supply chain to complete the design build process, all provided by the Group. The Group provides this in Portugal, through Gesfuste S.A., and in Poland through Fuste Service Sp. z o.o.


Energy management

Fuste Energy Lda. is the Group's division dedicated to the energy management of retail spaces. It develops projects to maximize energy efficiency and savings, including for existing buildings where significant improvements are needed in this field. Fuste Energy is also active in Portugal and Poland.


Real Estate

Group Fuste has developed, in parallel with the other activities, a coherent portfolio of long-term real estate investments. The Group's portfolio is divided into Portugal and the Netherlands. The Group's investment portfolio is diversified across different market sectors, namely retail real estate, services, logistics and the automobile sector.